Does your e-commerce business need an Instagram Shop? Here’s your easy step-by-step, go-to guide to start selling on Instagram shop.

Here’s your easy step-by-step guide to start selling on Instagram shop

Own an e-commerce business in Dubai or the UAE? Worried about COVID-19 affecting your business? Take your business online! We promise you’ll love Instagram Shop! Find out what to do, how to use it, and where your business could be going with it.

Instagram Shop is exactly what you need to take your selling on Instagram to the next level. We’ll show you what works best, show you how to set up your Instagram Page, and help you get some sales right off the bat. All while taking advantage of the highly-coveted millennial shoppers.

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But what exactly is an Instagram shop?

Instagram’s updated feature called Instagram Shop is the new trending shopping platform for brands and companies.

Economic analysts say Instagram’s move to shopping will be so successful that it could generate up to $10 billion in revenue in 2021.

This Instagram Shop feature, allows brands to set up an in-app storefront to build their brand and upload product catalogs. Shoppers and Instagram users can view promotions, the latest products, and product information from here. This can be accessed through the business’s Instagram profile, posts, or stories.

With Instagram Shop, businesses’ can post photos and videos of new products and link their price and all essential details. Users can find all the necessary details and proceed to the business’s website to buy and checkout.

Around 130 million Instagram accounts tap on a shopping post to know more about products posted by a brand every month. Seventy-three percent of teenagers in the US prefer social media as their preferred source for finding out about new products and promotions and more than 1 billion people use Instagram every month.

All these figures should surely urge you to take set up an Instagram Shop.
Take advantage of Instagram’s purchasable posts and stories – and get your products on Instagram Shop ASAP!


Is Instagram shop and Facebook shop the same thing then?

Is it the same as Facebook Shop?

In short, no, Instagram Shop is quite different from Facebook Shop

While both the shop features allow business owners to set up a dedicated shop section on their Facebook pages, where products can be viewed, purchased, etc. Facebook Shop unlike Instagram Shop is extremely customizable, with brands being able to customize features like the cover image, accent image, etc.

Facebook Shop is connected and integrated to all other Facebook applications, which makes it easier for companies to share posts and promotions across apps. This also means that the Facebook Shop is connected to apps like Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram direct which means customers can also contact businesses easily.

If Facebook Shop has all these features why should I set up on Instagram Shop?

Facebook has been recently witnessing a steep decline in users and user-based interactions, while Instagram is currently the 6th largest social media platform with over 1 billion monthly users and 1 million daily users. These numbers are only rising.

Around 200 million accounts visit the Instagram explore page daily, brands and companies can set up your posts on the explore page and seize the opportunity to generate more sales. The new e-commerce storefront piques Instagram user’s interests, with product catalogs, product pictures, videos, and a direct link for payment through their website.

Instagram shop’s most recent update is a feature that allows users to pay directly from the Instagram app; this reduces the number of cart abandonment by users. Although this feature is only currently present in the United States, it will soon be available around the world, DOUBLING THE PROFITS.




Here’s how you can take your existing business to Instagram Shop-

So how do you set up an Instagram shop?

Steps 1 – Make yourself a business account or turn your existing profile into a business account

Before you get started, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram in order to get the whole experience of Instagram Shop.  Go to the settings and click on the switch to a business profile in order to turn your profile into a business account. Note – your business should comply with Instagram’s commerce policies.  

(Read more about Instagram Shop – INSTAGRAM SHOP


Step 2 – Link your Facebook Shop

Yes, you need a Facebook page to set up your Instagram Shop. If you don’t have one, prepare one before you continue with Instagram Shop. Once you have your Facebook business page ready, go to your Instagram settings, click linked accounts and connect your Facebook page.

(Read more on how to set up your FACEBOOK SHOP  )


Step 3 – Upload your product catalogue

Uploading your product catalogue can be done in two ways.

– If your business already has an active website with your products already uploaded there, you can use an existing platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, Magenta, etc.  And import your products here.

– If you don’t have an existing website. All you need is a Facebook Business page. With the Facebook business manager, you can upload items on your own to your commerce manager on your Facebook shop.

Our in-house team of experts can help you create your e-commerce store. Get in touch with us now! 


Step 4 – Sign up for Instagram shopping and wait for your approval

Once you’ve uploaded your product catalogue, you’ll need to get your account reviewed before you start posting. Go to your settings, click on sign up for Instagram shopping and fill in the necessary details and submit for review. The review process should take a couple of days and you can check your application status by checking the shopping section of your settings. Once the review is complete, Instagram will notify you so you can get started.


Step 5 – Tag your products on your posts

After completing all of the above-mentioned steps, you’re almost ready to go. Start tagging your products on posts and stories (you can only tag products that are already in your catalogue) and share your shoppable posts with all your followers.

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