Learn What Social Media Stories Can Do For You And Your Business.

Learn What Social Media Stories Can Do For You And Your Business

We all know that when social media stories started, it was Snapchat who had it first. The 24 hours stories that we would post had a different, fun vibe that included sending snaps to each other and publishing stories. Times have changed now, and we have it in all the apps. A few years ago, when Instagram launched their stories update, it was all very confusing for users as to why anyone would want to post something which would only last for 24 hours and why brands would like to create them and use them as a promotional strategy.

But now I wonder if I was thinking right. Stories have become the most available features on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and even Linkedin.

Social media stories have made such an impact on our life. Brands also use them for marketing creatively, and it has now become a critical component in building brand image.

Okay, so what are social media stories?

Social media Stories are mobile, full-screen, vertical videos, and pictures. These are not your regular posts and only last for 24 hours. Stories are mesmerizing not just because they appear on full screen but also because they are shared in particular moments with your friends and family or your audience. Usually, stories focus on the moment you want them to be shared. It can be in photos, videos, text, gif, and various other formats. It will be you who will be creatively telling your stories, call yourself a storyteller if you’d like.

It’s beyond doubt that stories are changing the face of social media, and when used well, they can make a significant impact on a brand and its image being perceived by its audience.

How it all started

“It all started when my mom met my dad, and they had me – yes, me” no, that’s not how it started. Snapchat launched disappearing stories in 2013. This was popular among the youngsters. It had many fun features like filters, games, streaks, and scores, which attracted many youngsters.

But then came Instagram. The idea was copied from Snapchat features but launched on a more significant level. They introduced the stories feature to all audiences, and now about 60% of their audience are daily story users.

So how are they changing the social media perspective, and why are they so popular?

Social media has an intense impact on people. Stories gave everyone access to a variety of channels in real-time to brands. This also made it easier for brands to understand their audience and increased the demand for certain brands.

This has made a strong connection between people and social media and created a landscape where you can share your opinions, post pictures or videos, and lots of other stuff on stories.

Social media stories are often updated to create awareness and engage with your audience by sharing new and creative ideas. Stories are mobile-first features that are both optimized for mobile and made via mobile devices.

The percentage of users who access apps with Stories features include:

  • Snapchat: 87%                                                                 
  • Instagram: 83%
  • Facebook: 76%

Stories have now become an outstanding source of increased visibility for brands. Out of over 1 billion active monthly Instagram users, more than 500 million use Stories daily.

According to recent stats, more than 70% of Instagram users view stories daily.

Stories allow you to engage with the audience in a creative manner. You can create images and live broadcasts that give viewers a glimpse into your day, and you can add a little flair using app-specific lenses, animations, stickers, and even music.

How to keep up with it

To mingle stories into your social media marketing strategy, you should come up with and create a lot more content than you are doing now.

To integrate Stories into your social media marketing strategy, be prepared to create a lot more content than you’re currently working on. Convert your story strategy for individualizing, adaptable content which is relevant and engaging for your audience.

Stories have a short life span. They vanish after a few moments. If it is adaptable, you can reuse it for a different purpose, on a long-term basis, i.e., a regular post on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platforms.

According to stats, stories work best when you post a few at once. They generate a substantial amount of content that includes videos and photos in advance and then post them strategically according to your social media calendar.

Stories don’t always have to be perfectly edited but make sure it has a good quality. It is also advisable that you always make sure you add music to the content. If you don’t have music on your content, you can always add music through Instagram’s stories tool because 60% of stories are viewed with a sound on.


Social media Stories are here to stay. If not just stories, Instagram has come up with highlights where you can add your stories that will remain on your profile, and you never know what exciting features social media can add. Most of them may come as much of a surprise. They’re actively becoming more important in usage for both businesses and users alike, so you need to stand up and start fresh and create more creative content now if you do not wish to be left behind.

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