Published by Shujaat, May 13, 2018

How Ramadan Affects Social Media Activity – And how you should manage your content

The holy month of Ramadan, starting on Tuesday, May 15th in the UAE, is a time for followers to reflect on life and practice self-discipline. The usage of social media and user behavior changes significantly during this holy month. Keep reading to find out how to effectively manage social media pages and content to maintain traffic and followers.


1 – Peak timing and Post Strategy

Ramadan is the peak time of the year when people are on their phones browsing the web and checking their social media feeds more than often. Brands which connect themselves to the holy month by sharing themes, facts, and values are more likely to engage readers and draw traffic. The volume of conversation about ramadan experiences is also increasing significantly every year.


During the month of Ramadan in 2017, the usage of Facebook increased by 5% while the average user viewing duration on YouTube increases by 11%. Comments on posts increased massively by 57%. These increments are most likely due to shorter work and school hours, therefore having more time to network. During Ramadan, people spend 30-40% of their time on phones.


This gives digital marketers a great opportunity to replan their marketing strategies in order to effectively engage with both existing and potential customers.


A study conducted by Facebook showed the most usage and interaction was taking place at night, with the peak time being 3am.




2 – Content

During this holy month, it is important to post Ramadan-related content on social media platforms, along with trending hashtags so that viewers can easily find relative content.

Creating specific content related to Ramadan can help with brand image.


Ramadan already comes with its own rules and themes, so by finding one theme to relate to your brand, such as charity, family, or entertainment, your brand equity can increase. Then, creating a Ramadan campaign can help with brand exposure and engagement.


Not only do customers change their tone, but so do brands. Brands usually lean towards a more conversational tone as this encourages customers to join in on conversations, engaging with the brand.


An online campaign can be costly around this time, therefore organic marketing is a great alternative for promoting your content.


Facebook is a platform perfectly fit for teasers and trailers for ad campaigns, whereas YouTube is good for accessing the full advertisement/campaign.


3 – Inspire the Audience



Ramadan is known for not only being a religious attribution, but also socially, as it encourages people to donate to charity and purchase gifts for friends and family. Therefore, there is an increase in spending during the holy month, mainly during the last few days of Ramadan.


Therefore, it is necessary to inspire customers with your services or products through sponsored advertisements, increasing brand awareness and reach. The best time for posting advertisements would be between the hours of 12am and 5am, when customers are most active on social media.


Writer: Layla Kurdieh

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