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Economical Bulk SMS Marketing In Across The UAE

As a business, the key to ensuring sales and increased profits lies in advertising your products and services in an effective manner. As one of the leading SMS marketing companies in Dubai, NAAS Digital is proud to offer campaigns that start as low as 0.07 AED per text message. With our low-cost solutions, we allow our clients to gain direct access to our database that consists of a huge number of potential customers across the UAE.

NAAS Digital is the Digital marketing company in Dubai that will empower your business to reinforce your brand and market presence using the extensive reach and influence of Digital advertising and marketing in UAE.

We Deliver The Best Solutions For SMS advertising in Dubai

With the solutions offered by us at NAAS Digital, you can easily connect your brand with thousands of potential customers and broadcast your message in a timely and efficient manner. Text message based advertising campaigns are non-invasive and we are here to assist you in transmitting real-time messages, even through binary data, including ringtones, images and so much more.

Benefits of Using NAAS Digital Bulk SMS in UAE

  • Directly connect with thousands of potential customers

  • Broadcast your message to anyone, anywhere and anytime

  • Send real-time, updated messages

  • Get through mobile phones even when offline

  • Supported by all GSM handsets

  • Non-invasive

  • Viral by nature

  • Can transmit binary data including images, ring tones and more

  • Quick, easy and low cost method for realising various objective

  • SMS marketing targeted straight to consumers in Dubai and UAE

Key Features Of Our SMS Marketing Campaigns

  • Option to personalise messages

  • Send bulk SMS with your brand name as ID

  • Multilingual text support including Arabic and use of long characters

  • Ability to arrange and send out scheduled messages

  • Online delivery reports for bulk SMS in Dubai and beyond

  • Unrestricted service packages, without any monthly obligation

  • API's to integrate with own application

  • No restrictions or monthly commitment

  • No surplus charges for Sender ID registration

  • Dedicated throughput

Enterprise Solutions

At NAAS Digital, we offer SMS marketing in UAE for individuals, executives, financial institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our service offers an effective avenue for marketing through direct communication with customers, suppliers, bosses, colleagues, sales reps, dispatch units, and even friends.

We provide SMS advertising for Dubai SMEs and larger companies to provide a boost in customer relationship management and promotion of products and services. Our clients include event organizers, hotels, product distributors, FMCG, travel agencies, insurance firms, courier services, direct marketing companies and more.

Why Choose NAAS Digital?

  • Transmission rate: More than 20 messages sent per second

  • Dedicated multi-channel support system: email, web, telephone and onsite

  • Send individual or bulk SMS in UAE via an intuitive web application

  • Localised marketing strategies based on a categorised database

  • No minimum quantity required, no charges for set-up, no monthly fees,

  • Can be integrated with existing online and offline applications

  • Includes functionality to enable text reply

  • Launch SMS advertising in Dubai and UAE featuring your company name or brand

  • Numerous languages available for bulk SMS marketing, including Arabic and English

  • Phonebook features include storing and grouping numbers

  • Send messages to mobile phones using internet browser

How our services can be used

  • Timed alerts for delivery status, price changes, forecasts, stocks

  • Discount notifications, payment reminders, confirmations for bookings and orders, billing and CRM incentives, competitions

  • Send personalised information, update job status, job re-routing, location changes

  • Notifications for revised schedules

  • Highlight key project milestones

  • Generate stock and/or order reporting system and sales reports

  • Advertising for launch of new products and services

  • Promote upcoming events

  • Direct marketing campaigns

Email Marketing Services

E-mail Marketing In Dubai & Across The UAE

NAAS Digital is the leading Digital marketing services provider. We have supported thousands of regional campaigns by delivering more than 1 billion emails in the last five years. NAAS Digital ensures your message ethically reaches the desired target audience. We do this by having:

  • Access to 10 million profiled users in the UAE.

  • Double opt-in e-mail users who give us permission to receive e-mail promotions, advertising and newsletters.

  • In-depth profiles of users, accurately targeted on multiple levels, even across niche audiences.

  • A team of experts who track and report the success of your e-mail campaign.

NAAS Digital combines advanced targeting (demographics, interest and behavioral) with maximum reach. In addition to multiple product packages for advertisers, unrivaled e-mail reach in the region, and powerful technology helps our clients to leverage both data and content channels.

NAAS Digital offers engaged customers, efficient and effective data and content marketing strategies, as well as proven return on investment. This can only be achieved by doing things the NAAS Digital way, which covers the following:

  • Advanced Targeting and Data Segmentation

  • Best-In-Class Deliverability and Reach

  • Full Reporting, Data Analysis and Optimization

  • Responsive, Cross-Multiple Platforms

  • Personalization and Relevancy

  • E-mail Retargeting Capabilities

  • Creative Services, Including HTML and Template Creation


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