SMS for eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce has rapidly taken share of dollars from the brick and mortar stores and seems to not be slowing down anytime soon. Yet, with selling online comes a different set of expectations and standards, plus incredibly fierce competition. Furthermore, the online arena can be more susceptible to changes in demand due to positive or negative online reviews.

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Enhanced Customer Engagement

  • Provide links in text messages for interested consumers to act upon

  • Promote websites via SMS marketing practices

  • Remind consumers of their existing wish lists

  • Confirm online orders

  • Promote special deals and offers

  • Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on social media or online

  • Send payment reminders

  • Encourage customer feedback

Advanced SMS Solutions for Businesses

Transactional Alerts

APIs and on-premise SMS solutions for alerts such as account balance or transaction notification

User Verification (OTP)

Multi-channel retrial to ensure your OTP SMS will be delivered in time

Promotional SMS

Build SMS campaigns based on specific user behaviour

Information On Demand

Provide information on demand with a simple SMS to a specific number for stock prices, account balance, inventory and more

Customer Engagement

SMS based quizzes, contest and gamification for engaging customers and creating more brand awareness

Customer Satisfaction Messaging

Run surveys or feedback polls and receive information from customers in the form of a SMS response, a simple click or a missed call

One Dashboard for all Insights

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