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Twitter’s Transformation: Elon Musk Introduces “X” Logo to Replace Blue Bird

In a groundbreaking move, Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk, has unveiled the social media platform’s new logo, featuring a striking white X against a black background, signaling the end of the iconic blue bird.

Linda Yaccarino, in a tweet on Monday morning, exclaimed, “X is here! Let’s do this,” expressing excitement for the upcoming change.

In addition to the logo, Musk revealed that “tweets” will soon be referred to as “x’s,” ushering in a complete shift in the platform’s terminology.

To solidify his vision for a new era, the billionaire mogul updated his profile picture to showcase the X logo and even added “X.com” to his Twitter bio.

Musk’s ambitions go beyond a mere logo change; he envisions creating a revolutionary “super app” called “X,” a futuristic social media platform he has been discussing for months.

On Sunday, Musk hinted at the impending logo change, stating, “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.” He shared an image of the new X branding projected onto Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, highlighting the significance of this transformation.

Changing the name of the business to X Corp, Musk emphasized that this replacement “should have been done a long time ago.”

Indeed, the shift is evident as Musk posted an image of a flickering “X” on Twitter, and in a Twitter Spaces audio chat, confirmed the impending change of the Twitter logo.

Linda Yaccarino praised the rebrand as an exciting opportunity, emphasizing that Twitter had already made a massive impact on global communication and that X would take it further, transforming the global town square.

As the iconic blue bird, named Larry as a tribute to basketball star Larry Bird, prepares to make way for the dynamic X logo, we at NAAS Digital eagerly await the transformative possibilities this change may bring. Stay tuned for an exciting new chapter in Twitter’s evolution!

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